Sunday, November 30, 2008

6 days down!!

I thought by now it would be getting easier, or I'd be a little less sore at least. But that's really not the case. At all. My abs hurt more and more every day. My upper back has started aching. My quads ache. I've been taking naps, a lot of naps. If I don't get any results out of this I just may hunt down Jillian and sit on her for 30 days and see how she likes it!

I keep thinking, if THIS is what I'm feeling after only doing 20 minutes of a Jillian Michaels workout a day...what on earth do those poor bastards on The Biggest Loser go through? *shudder* Don't even want to think about it. This has cemented my decision to NEVER audition for that show!

But I guess the pain's all least I know I'm doing *something*. And somehow this workout is keeping me motivated. Even on the days when I was really, really dreading it...I still got up and did it. One time I even did it at 10:45 at night (and after I'd had a big meal out that night.) I don't think I'll ever do that again, I seriously wanted to puke...but the point is, I still did it.

So, yay me!

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