Tuesday, November 25, 2008

First order of business...

is Jillian Michaels 30 day shred! If I can grow my hair for a year and a half I can bust my ass for 30 consecutive days...right? Sure, I say that now, we'll see what happens when the pain REALLY starts to kick in, LOL!

We've got exercise tv on demand and I found the 30 day shred workouts. Last night I glanced through level 1. It looked hard. I was scared. You should be scared of Jillian, right? But this morning I woke up (at 5:30, ugh!) and decided to just do it.

Well, it wasn't QUITE that easy. I got up, put on my workout duds...and then had a mini panic attack thinking of actually playing the workoug.

Then I had a little Jillian-esque peptalk in my head. "What are you afraid of? Sweating? Working hard? Looking like an idiot? Not being able to do all the moves or reps? Dying a slow miserable death after Jillian has turned you into a quivering blob of goo? Well get over it!! You're never going to know what you can do unless you get up and do it!!

There were lots of jumping jacks...an almost 290 lb woman doing jumping jacks is SO not what anyone wants to see, or hear. How does anyone do those anyway? Every time I come down its like all the air just gets pushed out of me in a big WHOOF, and then I have to gasp it back in on the up part before it all gets pushed back out.

I was really scared to do the ab work considering what happened the last time I tried such a thing...but I made it without any dizziness or migraine, woot!

The arm work is what I'm really feeling, oooh my shoulders are aching!

It'd be nice to lose the 20 lbs in 30 days that she claims you can...I'm not setting my goal that high, but if it happens I'll surely be celebrating!!

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Siuan said...

After the first and only timeI did that workout, I wouldn't do the jumping jacks, I did modified version. My arms killed, well my pecs killed for two days after from the push ups. It was killer I thought. I'll try again after I've lost some more weight.Good luck and have fun!