Saturday, November 15, 2008

Who knew crunches could be bad for your health?

So yesterday I was watching a show before I had to pick the boys up from school. Unexpectedly I had the thought, since I'm just sititng here maybe I should do a few crunches while I'm watching this.

And so I did...

Except after about 4 I started to feel a little funny. So I sat up and was feeling pretty woozy. Not like totally dizzy, but the world definitely didn't feel right.

It didn't get any better after a minute so I got up and sat in the chair. Then I started to get really hot and was sweating and slightly nauseous.

After a few minutes it just wasn't going away and I had to get K up from her nap so we could leave. I decided to take some Excedrine Migraine because of my recent issues with vertigo and migraines. My head didn't hurt, yet, but I wanted to ward off any pain that might start. Anyway, as I walked into the bathroom I saw that I was totally pale and with the sweat pouring off my face I really looked like hell. And I still wasn't completely stable. By the time I got back from the school my head was hurting and the diagnosis of a migraine was complete.

I went from feeling totally fine to feeling like total crap in the matter of about 30 seconds...all from doing crunches. Isn't exercise supposed to make you feel better??

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