Thursday, March 26, 2009

Do you want to know what ELSE I'm sick of?

Having such a totally boring life that I can't think of anything to write here for days on end. Maybe you've noticed my posts lately have really not had a lot of substance. I just got nothin'.

I can't post great recipes or food ideas like some people...because I have none and, well, I don't particularly enjoy cooking all that much (which might be because of my lack of great recipes or food ideas.)

I don't have any crafty talent like sewing or knitting or photography or some such to show off. Not that I'd have time to do anything even if I did have a talent.

I don't have any good cleaning or "going green" type of tips that you haven't already heard tons of other places.

I've got no job to talk about, complain about, rave about, etc.

My children aren't particular interesting, they spend most of their time screaming at me or fighting with each other...which doesn't make for the most upbeat blog topic and would probably make you think horrible things about me since I was not blessed with the skill set to deal with their beastly behavior productively.

There's the whole weight loss aspect that I've posted about numerous times in the past. But even I am sick of hearing myself talk about that. I'm sure you don't care a lot about how I'm fat and I've always been fat and apparently I always will be since I can't stick to any good habits for more than a week (at best.)

I do the same things practically every day, there's just nothing exciting or interesting going on. So I'm stuck. Is there such thing as bloggers block?

If anyone out there has any ideas, something you'd like to hear me talk about...let me have 'em!

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Do you know what I'm sick of?

Twilight. Yes, I realize to many of you that is probably blasphemous. But I would be happy to never see another book cover or another commercial for the dang dvd. I'm just so tired of seeing it EVERYWHERE!!

I don't know what it is. There have been many book and movie crazes and this is the only one that gets on my nerves. I have no desire to read them, no desire to see the movie, I just don't. The idea of them just irritates me. And its not like I have a thing against vampires or anything. There's just something...

The whole Team Edward thing is totally lost on me. Seriously, even if I did read them I can't imagine myself ever uttering those words. Is there even another "team"??

Maybe someday I'll give them a try, I dunno, but for now...I just want them to go away!

Yes I realize I haven't posted much lately and this is totally random, but I take no responsibility for the things that pop into my head, you get what you get (and you don't throw a fit.)

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Are you smarter than a 2 year old?

Apparently I am not. A week and a half ago K was playing with a small hand mirror of mine that I use practically daily when putting on my makeup. She also found my Tweezerman tweezers (my $20 Tweezerman tweezers, for anyone not familiar) and took those off with the mirror. She had been playing near the laundry baskets. I didn't see her go anywhere else with them.

The next day I can't find my mirror but don't really have time to search for it. A few days later I notice how terribly out of hand my eyebrows are getting and I can't find my tweezers. Ah, right, they were confiscated by a toddler. Well, they have to be around somewhere. I search in all the obvious areas that could be seen. Look in her room. Dig through ALL the laundry. Poke through the trash. Neither the tweezers or the mirror are to be found. The mirror I can live without, the mirror only cost a couple bucks, but I seriously don't want to lose $20 tweezers! (Don't bother to ask why I must have $20 tweezers, I just do, ok?)

Day after day goes by, still don't find them.

Yesterday I look in the way back of a bathroom drawer for something (a drawer that I get stuff out of EVERY DAY, this is important in a moment...) and literally as I'm shutting the drawer I spot something red out of the corner of my eye. Something red...oooh, oooh, its my tweezers! Finish shutting the drawer. Wait, what? My tweezers!! My tweezers are right here in the middle of the drawer, practically under my nose, I probably could have poked myself with them. Well then where the heck did my mirror go??? Surely that couldn't be so obviously in this drawer that I look in every day. And yet, I open the drawer and there it is, my mirror, sitting right next to the tweezers.

My not quite 2 1/2 year old daughter played with my stuff and then she...put it away.

Oy. What does that say about me that I wouldn't even think to look in the dang bathroom drawer???

Well, for one, it says I never put my own crap away. And, it definitely says that my 2 year old is smarter than me!