Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Why do I bother?

So I spent some time this morning picking up the living room. I didn't get ALL of it done, but the majority of it. And less than 10 hours later...it looks worse than it did before I cleaned it up. Maybe the more dirt the crappy carpet accumulates the more gravitational pull it has. And so all the objects in the house have no choice but to end up on the living room floor. The dining room is the same, no, actually, its worse. I could clean that floor every day and every day it would look like nobody had picked anything up off of it in 2 weeks. Makes sense...more food, more dirt, more gravity. So seriously, why do I bother? Its obviously a losing battle, you can't fight gravity, right?

Saturday, January 5, 2008

Back on track...

So, yeah, my weight loss efforts for last year totally tanked. I think I just got too overwhelmed by life...the house, the kids, the dog, school responsibilities, etc, etc, etc. I've also gotten into a total funk about our living and money situation and C and I are both completely miserable living in this apartment. I let my depression about all that get in the way too much. I also let my exhaustion from not getting any decent sleep for the past 14 months + get in the way.

But I also gained weight as a result of letting all that interfere and I'm totally disgusted with myself. This has been the first time in my life (aside from pregnancy which doesn't count) that I've really noticed myself getting bigger. I guess all along its just been a slow progression that didn't really stick out as "wow, you're getting fat!", but not this time, this time I can totally see it and I hate it. And I'm disguested with the way I've been living life in general. I'm tired of being miserable and right now I'm going to start making a concerted effort to change my ways of thinking to more positive ones. If I can get my mind set right I'm sure it will go a very long way to getting my body set right.

I'm back on phase 1 of the Best Life Diet. I'm eating healthy breakfasts, trying to get in tons of water, increasing my exercise, and not eating after 8 pm. Well, I'm trying to do all that, and I've done a pretty good job of it the past 4 days. As long as I can keep my motivation up I'm sure I'll be doing each of those consistently before the end of the month.

I'll have to go back and answer all the questions that I posted again since its been so long. Maybe some things have changed, and maybe they haven't...we'll see.