Monday, November 24, 2008

I made fudge today...

No I'm not going to post a wonderful homemade recipe complete with pictures and rave about letting my kids help and how amazing it all was. I admire anyone who does that, I really, really do. But I am not that mom. I am the mom who will post about the quickest and easiest way to do something...which is exactly how I made fudge today.

Yesterday as I was tooling around the grocery store ALL BY MYSELF with my steaming Starbucks non-fat raspberry mocha with whip cream thanking my lucky stars that for once I was not one of those parents with the huge ass car cart with the 3 kids hanging over the edge...I came upon the the most wonderful product! (Er, well, I suppose not so wonderful if you're of the Nestle banning persuasion, of this I am not. I couldn't be even if I wanted to as my son depends on one of their products to...well, to live and grow and all that jazz.)

It was a box with all the fixings for deliciously rich, creamy fudge all right there and ready for me to make. It came with a "sugar mix" (no I don't care what all was in that...we're talking about fast and easy here, its not always the healthiest way), a bag of chocolate chips, a can of condensed milk, and a package of marshmallows. All put together nice and easy with directions I didn't have to search for. And it was only $6, had I bought all that other stuff individually it certainly would have cost a lot more.

And, it even turned out really good. I don't usually have the best luck with fudge, I always get it too dry. But even I, as inept in the kitchen as I am, was able to make this successfully!!

Ok...really I wrote this because I am procrastinating, but I do like to share some of the better quick & easy products I come across.

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