Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Inappropriate parenting?

My almost 8 year old has a new favorite song.  A song that uses a phrase many, many times that contains a word that most parents would discourage their youngsters from using.  I'm not sure if he likes it because of that word and he can get away with saying it because it's in a song and he's singing it....or if he likes it just because it's a song with a catchy beat that gets stuck in your head. 

But he loves it, and it probably doesn't help that I'll play it for him pretty much whenever he asks.  *blush*  My bad.  So I encourage my kids to use bad words for the sake of music...they're gonna learn it someday, right?  Might as well be under my supervision.  No?  Probably not, but it's kinda late now, oh well.

The song.


Melanie said...

I admit, I love that song. And I crank it up for the kids, too. LOL. Do I get to join the club?

Allyn said...

Matt LOVES that song! Luckily, however, he seems to think it goes, "Hope it leaves you well." ;)I haven't told him otherwise.

Clint said...

That video is AWESOME!!