Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Biggest Loser!!!!!

So, yesterday evening I got to attend the live finale of Biggest Loser season 9.  I took along my friend Jenn who I've known from an online mom's group for many years now.  Talk about being starstruck...oh my, there were so many cool people to see!  There were a ton of past contestants (who all look so great and just like they did on tv), the families of current contestants, Curtis Stone was there.  And of course the current contestants, Bob, Jillian, and Dr. H.  We were like "oh look its him and her and them, and wow!" 

I started watching Days of Our Lives when I was like 5 years old, I would go to my grandma's house and she watched it so I did too.  I was a diehard fan for a good portion of my life!  I haven't really watched it regularly the past several years, but I do catch it now and then.  So it was especially cool for me to see Allison Sweeney.  Her husband and mom sat right behind us.  I also saw James Scott, who plays EJ on the show.  He sat 2 rows behind us, and he stood right next to me for a few moments after the show so I asked for his autograph!

We got autographs also from Dan & Jackie Evans from BL season 5 (Jackie also smiled and waved at me one of the times she was walking by!), Daniel from BL's season 7 & second chances, and Eric the BL season 3 winner (who gained back all his weight.)  He is looking fantastic, btw!!  Danny Cahill, the BL season 8 winner had a small video camera he was using, he also smiled and waved at me while he was panning the audience.  They all seemed like super nice people! 

Our seats were in the front row in the center section.  So many of the past contestants walked right by us before the show and during commercials while they were off catching up with all their friends.  Even Bob walked right by us.  They were close enough we could have reached out touched them.

The show itself was great to watch.  To see these people in person and imagine where they started and how amazing they look now was so awesome!  Mike, Ashley, Daris, and Koli all looked so genuinely happy, there wasn't a loser among them!  I was truly impressed with Mike, he came so far and he really looks like he doesn't have that much further to go.

They gave away tons of free gifts, I got a box of the lemonade flavored protein drink they have, and a cd of workout music.  Plus everyone who came got some coupons for a free month of membership to the Biggest Loser Club, a 30 day one-club membership to 24 hour fitness, and 5% discount on a 1 week reservation to the Biggest Loser Resort.

While we were standing waiting to be allowed into the studio we got talking to a girl wearing a green Biggest Loser shirt.  Jenn asked if she actually knew Miggy or Migdalia.  She said that she had visited the Biggest Loser Ranch.  She is a huge fan of the show and was needing to lose weight and really wanted to go there for inspiration.  She ended up meeting Miggy while she was there.  Apparently the Biggest Loser Ranch is really a big park that you can actually go to, you can hike on the trails and mountains that they do on the show.  How cool is that?

Anyway, it was just a really great experience and I'm so glad I got to go!

I couldn't take any pictures while I was there, but here are some of the things I collected.

Ticket to get in...

Seat tag with autographs


Free prizes!

James Scott "EJ" autograph


One Retro Mama said...

AWESOME!!! Sounds like so much fun!!! I haven't looked the show up online yet but now that i'm thinking about it I will do it now.

What an awesome experience!

One Retro Mama said...

I saw you!! Congratulations on your on screen moment!!!