Monday, May 10, 2010

If only we could know why they think what they think

I've been sick and haven't really had anything to say for several days.  But this morning a conversation occured in my kitchen that was too funny not to mention.  My oldest child, E, is going to Texas to spend the summer with his grandma after school gets out.  We've talked about this as a family a few times, haven't made a secret out of it or anything, E has certainly mentioned it often.

So this morning E is saying something about it again and all of a sudden my middle child, R, catches on.  Like he finally understands what we've been discussing all along, and once he realizes that E is actually spending all summer with grandma he starts whining and yelling and crying things like "Nooooo, no you're not!" and "That's NOT FAIR!!!"  He spent a good 3 minutes agonizing over the injustice of his brother visiting grandma for the whole summer and him having to stay home.

And then?  Well then the wheels began to turn in his crazy mixed up little mind.  As suddenly as the whining started, a switch was flipped and he really got the message.

Now he says to his brother with excitement in his eyes..."That means you're not going to be here!"  And the smile returns to his face.

Ahhhh, can't get enough of that brotherly love.

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