Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Sidelined by the stupidest injury in the world...

A few days ago I decided to de-nastify my feet a bit and get off some dry skin. You all know what I'm talking about, so don't act like you're all grossed out or anything. I cut a big hunk of hard skin off the side near my big toe nail. Apparently I cut too deep or something. Ever since my toe as been killing me. The first day it was really sore I pushed through exercising even though it was agonizing. The next day (yesterday) was so bad I couldn't even put a shoe on my foot. Anytime anything came near my poor wounded toe I would cringe. Any sort of pressure on any part of my toe was awful. It hurt SO bad. I didn't want to even make a meager attempt at a workout like that.

Today it still hurts, although not *quite* so bad. I still can't put on a tight shoe. I'm gonna try to do some strength stuff tonight though, maybe go on the elliptical for a bit with no shoes. But I'm kinda bummed I can't do my Jillian workout. Did you believe that??? HAHAHAHA!!! Seriously, I'm not bummed, not even a little bit, LOL. I've done pretty good sticking to this whole 30 day shred thing...but I am so very, very far from a place where I am bothered by skipping a day or two.

Of course, therein lies the problem doesn't it. Not being bothered by it is what gets me off track every time. *sigh* What can ya do though? I didn't ask for this injury, and a person can only inflict so much pain on themselves before they just can't take it anymore, LOL.

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Brenda said...

you need a PedEgg. It's like grating your feet but works great! Hope your feet are well soon