Monday, December 22, 2008

Huh, what do you know...

This post can be filed under "you learn something new every day". This probably doesn't really interest anyone, but hey, now I have 2 things I can list if someone ever asks me to tell something about me that nobody else knows!

I had an eye exam this morning. My grandfather had glaucoma and my eye pressure has always been on the high side so I go every year to get my eyes checked to make sure everything looks good. Plus I've had the same glasses for 2 years and they are terribly bent and the one lense is always falling out. They seriously need to be replaced.

Anyway... The doctor I saw was very descriptive about every test they did and what my results were and what that meant.

So the first new thing I learned was...I have a pigment spot on the back of my left eye. Its like a freckle. Isn't that trippy? Who knew you could have freckles in your eye?!?!

And the second new thing was...I don't actually have high eye pressure, mine are actually fairly normal. What I do have is thick corneas. And thick corneas can throw off the results of the tests that are usually done.

Thick corneas and a freckle in my left eye...the intricacies of the human body are really quite amazing!

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