Sunday, August 31, 2008

R.I.P. Speedo Man

Before we came to Southern California we lived in Grand Junction, CO. There lived a man who the whole town knew as "Speedo Man", he is truly a town legend. We moved away from G.J. 8 years ago, but I've still thought of Speedo Man from time to time, he really is unforgettable.

I'll save you the story of how we found this out...but last night we discovered that Speedo Man has died (not recently, but a little while back). Apparently first he moved to Oregon, and then he died. It makes me kind of sad. A Grand Junction with no Speedo Man is hard to imagine.

Why did they call him "Speedo Man" you ask? This guy would walk and bike around town wearning nothing but a Speedo in the warm months, and a Speedo over top of some other clothing (at best) or with some spandex or one of those half shirt things in the cold months. When you first come to town and you learn of Speedo Man you're like WTH??? After awhile you come to just accept him as part of life. I don't know if anyone will ever know why he started it, but he kept it up because it got him so much attention. I only lived in G.J. a few short years, but I had the pleasure of several Speedo Man sightings. I worked in a daycare that had a playground in the front of it. This playground was where my class of 3 year olds played. Speedo Man would walk past there on occasion, and I'd hold my breath hoping that none of them would ask me why a guy was walking around naked. Although I bet even a few of them already knew Speedo Man's legend. A couple times I got to witness him bending over and pulling weeds from the nothing but his Speedo. That was...really an image that I'll never be able to erase from my mind.

So long Speedo Man...


Anonymous said...

he's not dead.

Anonymous said...

Thank u ;-) check out that emo boy style on this blog: