Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Its one of THOSE days...

Good 'ol AF is due to arrive any day now, and I'm definitely feeling the PMS. Not sure if its what I'll normally experience now that the Mirena is gone, or if I'm just especially noticing it because I've been less moody throughout the month. Anyway...basically, I'm in a totally pissy mood today.

C asked R to please help mommy clean up when he was on his way out the door this morning. So, R, being such a helpful child, comes over to me and says "Can you get me a piece of paper? I want to draw a picture."

So I say, "Why is it everytime daddy asks you to help me you immediately find something else to do?"

Thus starts the whining...buuuut, I was only going to draw ooooone picture, etc, etc, etc.

My moodiness beat out the logical parent part of my mind and I started whining and throwing my own mini-tantrum. I said fine, I'll just clean everything up all by myself, don't worry about me.

Then both of them start in "defending" themselves...and I continue with my little tantrum explaining to them how its always just this thing first, or that thing first, or some sort of complaint. They hardly even do anything WHEN I ask them.

Then cuz I'm pissed that they aren't helping, pissed that I even bothered to waste my breath saying all this to them, pissed that the house is such a wreck in the first place, and just totally irritated in general about everything...I started crying.

Well, my boys, bless their hearts, will be good husbands some day. They have the whole "oh crap, I made her cry...uhhh, what can I do to make it stop???" routine down. R brought me a paper towel to dry my tears and they both promised profusely that they were ready to help now.

Of course, this all lasted about 3 minutes. Then all was back to regularly scheduled programming. (Which means running around, tackling each other, chasing the dog, dancing to the music that E swore would help him clean, screaming and laughing, and in no way possible listening to anything I had to say.

Except my sweet baby girl, she actually LIKES to help. And she's SO good at it! No really, she is...well except for when she was taking clean clothes out of the laundry basket, then putting dirty clothes in the basket on top of the clean ones, and unfolding the towels I had JUST folded. Ah, gotta love toddlers!!

Is this the difference between boys and girls? Did we go wrong with the boys? Did we totally miss the boat when it came to instilling in them the benefits of cleanliness and orderliness? Or is it genetic, are their Y chromosomes working in overdrive? Is it in their DNA to avoid housework when at all possible? Or to at least only do WHAT they want WHEN they want to do it?

If that's the case, can I have a refund? No...ah well. At least I can be comforted in the knowledge that they'll annoy their wives some day just as much as they do me now.


Catt said...

I totally hear you on the difference between boys and girls...we have the same thing here.

db said...

I think my 11 yr old niece put it best last week when she complained that "Raising boys is to hard" and that she would never have boys because they were to messy.

Wendy said...

Girl, I am getting beat up by AF right now. When I am feeling "craptacular" I tend to rave like a looney and the desire to kill anything with a Y chromosome intensifies. You are not alone!