Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Random babblings...

I saw this quote the other day, I honestly have no idea who Douglas Porter is. I tried googling him, but pretty much only found some books on Amazon that seemed so boring my eyes would probably roll back in my head reading the table of contents. Nevertheless...I think this sums up the life of my family pretty darn well. You are a smart man Mr. Porter.

"The only thing standing between me and total happiness is reality."Douglas Porter


In other news...E & R had a very good day today. They went to karate and unexpectedly were given their yellow belt test. Both passed and received their new belts. They were walking on the moon with excitement! Haven't seen that many smiles out of them in ages, maybe ever! Pics to come later in the week.


Yet another incident at the park today where my daughter is scaling up the highest parts of the playground like a monkey while other small children near her age have 3 adults hovering around them like they are going to break and staring at K & me like we're some sort of circus side show, asking how old she is, and marveling at the amazement of it all. Non-coincidentally all these instances the other child in question has been a first born to the parents. K being my 3rd I'm certainly a lot more relaxed about things than the newbie parents, and I'm used to boys, and frankly my girl's been on the go from conception... But geez, its not like she's doing triple flips on a trapeeze, she's climbing up a rope ladder for pete's sake, is that so abnormal?


So I've been all excited at the prospect of my kids going back to school. They need to be around people other than me, I need them to be around people other than me, too much togetherness is not good for our kind. I know a lot of mom's who homeschool, I am certain these women are saints. It would be under great duress that I would ever attempt such a thing, for so many, many, many reasons (my post about "this can't be my life" may begin to explain some of those reasons)...but the main one being I think we would kill each other if we had to spend all day every day together for more than 2 months at a time. the day draws near for them to scurry off to their classrooms I'm realizing I'm SO NOT READY for school to start!! I'm not ready to require an alarm clock to wake me up early enough EVERY day. I'm not ready to deal with the fighting/waking/dressing/eating/lunch readying/backpack readying that goes along with every morning BECAUSE I don't want to get out of bed that early, nor do I want to roust the natives that early. I'm not ready for homework, ugh. Not that I mind helping my children learn, its just the homework is the same thing week after week and it just gets to be drudgery after awhile. Plus with 2 of them it can take up a big chunk of time. I'm not ready to have to get my butt in gear to get dinner made and them fed and ready for bed at a decent time.

I think school is more work for parents than the kids, sheeesh. Heck, I already put in my 17 years of school, I'm done!!

I know, I know...SUCK. IT. UP. There's no changing it, might as well get used to it.

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