Friday, July 25, 2008

Birthdays and bellydancing...

So I'm turning 31 on Saturday and I think its more depressing than 30 was. Not sure why. Maybe because nothing's changed in the past year. Maybe because I still haven't been able to lose any weight and the years just keep slipping by... Who knows. I just know that I'm really not excited about being 31. Ah well...can't do anything about it, so "Happy Birthday To Me...."

But I am excited about bellydancing. LOL. Yeah, who would have thought that someone who is way too close to 300 lbs would LIKE belly dancing? But I really do, its tons of fun and a really good workout. And apparently I'm actually GOOD at it. A couple of the ladies in the class who have been doing it awhile have made comments about how good I am for only doing it for a few weeks. This week was the first in the second 4 week session I've signed up for. At the beginning of class she has everyone introduce themselves. When it was my turn and I said it was only my second session the instructor said "But you've done some belly dancing before right?" Of course not...fat chicks and belly dancing don't mix lady! No I didn't really say that, but I was thinking it, LOL. I know there are some "Goddess" sized women who belly dance and I've seen pics of them, but I have yet to see anyone quite as "Goddess"-like as myself! *snort* Me and Goddess in the sentence, bwahahahaha! Anyway... She said she thought I had because I picked up the dance really well in the first session. I was like, wow, she's complimenting me!! And its not like she could mistake me for anyone else in the class, ROFL, so she must have really meant it!

There's a woman in the class whose lost 86 maybe that will be me someday. I just might be able to enjoy dancing and finally look good doing it!

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Anonymous said...

The best belly dancers through out history, the ones that men desired before the invention of the magazine WAS goddess-sized. You are honoring the feminine and the goddess in you. Keep dancing!