Wednesday, July 9, 2008

What is wrong with me, I cannot type!!

So lately I've been noticing I'm having a HUGE problem typing. I used to be able to type super fast and I hardly ever made mistakes. Occasionally, of course, when my fingers would go faster than my brain, but I was a pretty darn decent typist.

But for like the past month I swear every other word comes out wrong. Seriously, I had to fix about 7 mistakes in that last sentence...and so far 3, no 4, er 6 in this (7) one. I'm either mixing up letters, putting completely wrong letters, putting spaces in the wrong spot, typing words completely different from what I'm thinking in my head... Its really annoying and I can't figure out what the heck is up.

If I left all the typos that I make nobody could tell what the heck I was trying to say. Just for shits and grins...I'll write a paragraph about what I did today without fixing anything.

Went to hte drctor this morning to hav emy IUD taken out. It seems to mbe causing me all sorts of problems so I ahd the eveil thing gotten rid of. Came ohme, took a npa, erll, tried to take a nap, I laid there not sleeping. Did some math and reading work with the boys while sick K took a nap. Fed everyone lunch. Took R to hsi cardiologist appointment, which went well, aside from his screaming blooyd mursdera the top of his lungs when tie was time for hte EKG. By the time we got him to sit still long enough he was sweating buckets, I'm suprpirsed they were able to get anything at all. Back hom with just enough time for snack befoer karate. Took K for a walk while the boys did that since she's been such a huge cgrump today. There is a really nice walking path near the community cneter, I wished I sould have brought my ipod. Hmid though, so i was feeling sticky, bleck. made some weried stuffed chicken thing for dinner, wasnt' the greatest, too dreid out from my crappy oven. Put everyong to bed, woo hoo! Wtched some tv, cleaned the living room, and that's about ib.

So you see, its a disaster...and let me just say it was REALLY hard for me to leave all those typos, its like automatic for me to hit the backspace when something goes wrong. I was actually impressed on a couple sentences, did better on them that usual! Its a good thing I don't have a job that depends on my typing skills, I'd totally be fired!

There must be some sort of blockage from my brain to my hands, or my fingers have taken on a mind of their own, or....I have no idea. If it weren't for that MRI I had I'd be convinced I have some sort of brain tumor. Oooh, oooh, maybe the magnets from the MRI have scrambled my brain and turned it to mush and THAT'S the problem!

Ok, ok, so that whole sanity thing...not finding it right about now!

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