Wednesday, June 25, 2008

My poor activity deprived children...

So living here in the OC isn't cheap (big surprise right?)...and yet apparently it is assumed everyone has, oh, say enough extra money each month to pay a second mortgage. That is to say you have to pay out the wazoo (& since I have more than one child I also would be required to give an arm and a leg) for any type of activities you want them in.

There is a karate place across the street that my boys have been drooling over ever since we moved to this crap apartment. Many of their friends take karate there and they have been invited to buddy days a couple times. This only makes their longing worse. But you see, in order to send them there I'd have to decide between karate and eating that month. And well, I'm selfish, so eating wins out. Another place I checked out, almost as expensive, wanted you to sign a 12 month contract. Hmm, what do I think about a whole year of not eating....uh, NO.

Last week I finally found class that is somewhat affordable. Still probably costs more than it should, but alas I guess the whole county can't make changes just for our little 'ole family who can't even afford the first mortgage. So off we went on Monday to sign them up.

E started right away (R suffered a self-inflicted injury earlier in the day and thought himself unable to participate) and though shy at the very beginning soon was totally in his element. To see the smile on this kids face afterwards and to see him practice the moves he learned was like watching a new flower blossoming in the morning light. When he got to try on his uniform for the first time you could practically see the excitement oozing from every pore. From the minute class was over he has hardly been able to talk about anything other than when the next class would be. He's told every person he's met along the way that he got to sign up for karate.

And here I thought he was excited about Cub Scouts...but that was nothing compared to this!

R on the other hand hasn't said much about it, other than to wonder out loud if he could still participate in the next class with a band-aid on his toe. But, today when he put on his uniform...there it was, that shy little smile of his that only comes out when he's really, truly, and actually happy about something. It doesn't happen much lately, but it is a smile that is unforgetable to many people.

Even my 20 month old daughter is enthralled by this whole karate thing. K was begging to go join the kids in the class and in the car afterwards could be heard hi yah-ing! and punching her chubby little arm. She's even almost got the kicks down, her brothers better watch out, she'll be a black belt before they are!

Here they are so excited to wear their uniforms...

And K could not be left out of showing of her kicks and punches too!

The pictures were, of course, taken outside because there wasn't anywhere clean enough inside for an appropriate background.

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