Tuesday, July 15, 2008

The last of my neighbors moved out today...

Ok, well not THE last, cuz, ya know, we live in an apartment complex and all...and if somehow every single person moved out of this hole before us I'd probably have to hang myself... But the last of the neighbors I ever really talked to. They were a very nice couple, the lady, V, somehow took quite a liking to me and my kids and was always so nice and sweet to us. (Prolly cuz she never heard what went on *inside* the house, LOL!) She's the kind of person you just have to like, very friendly and finds the good in everything. For example I was talking to her a bit today and had to send E in the house cuz he screamed at the top of his lungs that he hated me. A few minutes later I went inside to see what R needed and E tells me "During school its the parents time, but now its summer and the kids get to make the rules and do whatever they want and you weren't doing what I wanted and you have to do what I want!" Now me, I'm thinking oooooh, buddy you have NO idea the kind of hurt that attitude is going to get you, LOL. But she thinks, "wow, that's an amazing thought process, its great that he can verbalize all that." She LOVES to talk, which was nice sometimes since I don't get much adult conversation, and not such a good thing others, like when I'd end up making dinner way to late because we got to talking! She took care of her grandson during the day who is just a couple months younger than K, so we'd see each other out a lot.

And now that they are gone there's nobody left to talk to, so its kinda sad. :-( There are people we say hi, how are you in passing ya know, but its not the same. Oh, there's the crazy chick who lives at the end of our building who will talk your head off, but we try to avoid her as much as we can!

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