Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Parents all over the country are rejoicing today!

And I am one of them. Yes some lucky parents with early school start times have already experienced this joyful day...but for the rest of us, it has finally arrived, the FIRST DAY OF SCHOOL!!!!

I am especially happy this year because FINALLY both my boys are in the same school for exactly the same time!! The past 3 years the drop off and pick up schedule has been all over the place and gets very exhausting...but now I only have to go to the school twice a day, and maybe only once if C takes them to school.

So after a fairly calm morning of getting up way earlier than they were used to and getting ready right away...we were actually done early!! That's like, never happened before, LOL. So, knowing how awful the parking situation is we decided to walk to school.

R went to his line with no problems of course, went to his class and sat down easy peasy. E had a much easier transition than in the past. We couldn't find his class when they were lined up for the morning assembly. I didn't know for sure what his teacher looked like, so we stood off to the side. He was all concerned he wasn't going to know where to go, so I think he was flustered and a bit nervous. Once he got in he seemed a little anxious when he was unpacking his school supplies. But, there were no tears and not even one "I don't want to go!!" like every past year, so he's making progress!!

Here there are before we headed off to school!

E's first day of second grade...

R's first day of first grade...

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