Monday, September 15, 2008

Would you take makeup advice from...

a guy wearing blue and pink eyeshadow who had hair poufier than you did in the 80's???

On Friday I ran into Sephora because I was running way too low on my beloved Bare Escentuals makeup. (If you don't wear mineral makeup or haven't heard of it...get out from under that rock!! The stuff is aweseom!!) There are 2 guys working on this particular day. Now I know there are plenty of male make-up artists out in the world and that is totally cool with me. But most of the ones I've seen don't actually wear makeup themselves and even if they do it is usually tasteful. These two men...not so much. The one guy at least stuck to a basic black eyeliner and his hair while over gelled and styled wasn't the worst I've ever seen. But the other one had like this big bouffant going and could have passed for a circus clown with the blue and pink eyeshadow. It was quite distrubing, I can't even describe it well enough, you really had to see it in person to appreciate it. I'm seriously not being judgemental here...the one guy really looked THAT bad, and the other was right up there in the freaky factor.

Now had I come into that store needing help from someone who worked there...well there's just no way I could seriously take any makeup/skin/hair tips or advice from people looking like THAT. Women, well most women, simply do NOT wear their makeup like that, and that hair hasn't been in style since the 50's. Maybe as a gay man you can pull it off...or THINK you can pull it off (trust me, you can't!)...but a woman looking like that would be a laughing stock. How could I trust anything they had to say, or even look at them with a straight face for that matter?

I had my children with me, my boys are 6 & 7 years old...I'm sure you can only imagine the thoughts running through their heads. But thankfully they kept them from running out of their mouths until we were out of the store. And THEN they fell into fits of laughter for the next 5 minutes.

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