Friday, April 16, 2010

Creepy cashiers

I don't like them, they make me...uncomfortable.

I have 3 redheads so I get my fair share of comments and conversations with random people walking around grocery stores or Target or wherever about their hair or how cute they are.  I am also a person that people tend to stop and ask things of.  "Have you ever used this?" "Can you reach that on the top shelf, I'm too short."  "What would you buy for a boy/girl turing X years old?"  Depending on my mood that day or how often I have to stop during one trip I generally don't mind all that too much.

But the creepy cashiers get to me.  The ones who start asking you questions or begin some personal story that doesn't seem relevant to the act of ringing up groceries or taking too much of an interest in your kids.  I guess it's because you're kind of stuck there with them at the mercy of how quickly they can move all of your purchases along the conveyor belt (while they are taking too much time to talk to you.)  You can't just walk away or ignore them or pretend like you have to hurry your kid to the bathroom.  Even the smiling and nodding your head like you care all the while thinking about what you're making for dinner or the latest American Idol episode is a bit more difficult when you are standing face to face with someone only 2 feet away.  There is a fine line between being friendly and being creepy people, stay on the right side of the line!

I had a creepy cashier today.  He kept smiling and waving at Katelyn, saying she was a silly girl.  She looked at him strangely, as well she should have.  My hand was near her and she thought I was going to tickle her so she told me I couldn't, and the guy says "Can I tickle you?"  Then she looked at him like 'you're a gross old man' well she should have.

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Brenda said...

I had a guy like that at Cracker Barrel tonight. He just a little to "perfect." He gushed each and every time he said something. Before I walked up to pay he was taking normal and as I walked away he talked normal to the guy next to him. Can't stand people like that.