Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Tuesday TV

So it was apparently the older generations year this Biggest Loser season. Jerry's success is nothing short of amazing, Ron is but a shadow of his former self, and Helen took the big prize. Tara and Mike, of course, also had stunning results. It was a tight competition, they all came in so close to the same percentage of weight loss, so congrats to them all!

Overall the rest of the contestants did super well, so many of them lost well over 100 lbs, and mostly on their own too, so wow! I hate to say that there were a couple of people who disappointed me. I hate to say it because of all people I know how truly difficult it is and I don't want to be hypocritical....but, they did have an opportunity and resources given to them that most people will never get and they really didn't take advantage of that. But, at the same time, I think its good to show that losing that much weight isn't a race for a prize, in the real world you don't have to do it all in just a few months in order to be successful. Hopefully their slower rate of loss will lead to real, long-term results.

And so, another season of Biggest Loser is over...and, yet again, here I am exactly where I was when it started. What can I say other than I suck...still. Someday though, someday...

And then we have American Idol...

For the first time ever I just do not have a favorite to root for. I have enjoyed both Danny and Kris the entire season. I really like their voices and their performances. I don't think I could choose between the two of them. I thought they both did really great last night and it makes me sad that one of them has to go.

It makes me sad because there's Adam. Adam, Adam, Adam... I will not deny that the guy can really sing. I will not deny that he can really perform. He is definitely great at what he does. But he was back to his screeching last night and I just do not enjoy that. Seriously, just because you CAN hit a note doesn't mean you should do it quite SO often. I think my ears were "Crying." The other 2 get up there and they are themselves and they just sing, Adam gets up there every time and puts on an act, and it just...I don't know, is feeling really insincere to me. I'm not discrediting his talent, like I've said before he'd be stellar on Broadway, BUT this show is looking for a recording star. At least, that's what it used to be about.

Of course, the judges picked him for the winner from the very beginning. It doesn't matter what anyone else could have done the entire season. They've always chosen their comments in such a way to influence voters, and that has been no more blatantly obvious than it has this season. I'm not quite sure why they wasted so much time giving feedback to the others when really all they were thinking was "That's nice, but you're not Adam." They want him and they will do and say anything to make that happen.

For once I'm not real sad that this show is coming to an end. Despite some great singers, this year has been pretty boring and disappointing. Its been not so much "American Idol" as its been "The Adam Lambert Show". As much as I'd like to hope for a miracle from the voters and have it be a Danny vs Kris finale, there is very little chance that's going to happen. And so there will be no surprise next week, no nail-biting, no sitting on the edge of your seat wondering who will be crowned the victor, no cursing Ryan Seacrest for going to commercial at a pivotal moment. There may be some potential for entertainment watching Adam screech out one of those sappy, feel good, this is the first moment of the rest of my life finale songs...or, maybe not.

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