Thursday, May 7, 2009

Tuesday TV recap

Since I'm late, I had to change my title so people don't feel the need to remind me that it is in fact Thursday.

American Idol - Well my stupid, piece of #$%^& dvr again did not record, but I was able to catch it pretty early. I only missed Adam's performance. But I suspect that considering it was Rock night it would not have been one of his that I particularly liked anyway. I thought Allison and Kris did good, I wasn't blown away, but solid performances. But my boy Danny, I'm not sure what was up with him. In his duet with Kris he just looked like he wasn't there, he just didn't have the connection, he almost looked bored, or petrified, not sure which. He still sang well, but something was missing. And then his solo performance...I can forgive everything but the end, that was truly frightening. I was a bit scared for his fate and hoped the voting would reflect everything he's done so far and not just that night.

So then on Wednesday Allison was sent packing. As good as she is, I really think she was the right one to go. She can sing, but I think she just needs a bit *more* before she's really winner material. I have thought all along that Adam, Danny, and Kris should be the top 3...and they are, woo hoo!!

Biggest Loser - A marathon? A freaking marathon?? OMG, I can't believe that they had to do that. And its even more unbelievable that they all did it!! Wow, color me impressed! Seeing Ron cross that finish line with everyone there to support him and cheer him on as he did it was truly, truly inspiring.

So Tara and Helen made it to the finals. Good for them, they have both definitely worked extremely hard and their transformations are amazing. And the third finalist comes down to Mike or Ron. Gosh, what a tough choice! Both have done amazingly well and both are so deserving. In the end, they've both changed their lives dramatically for the better and that is what really matters.

I hope that Mike makes it and that he wins the whole thing, can't wait until next week!

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Brenda said...

I voted for Mike. I hope he wins the whole thing. He looks amazing! I hope his brother Max is able to achieve the same things Ron and Mike have done.