Wednesday, May 20, 2009

And so it ends...

Last night was the American Idol finale (and DWTS, although I haven't talked about that, WTG Shawn!!)

So I'll start with Adam. The whole night feel weird to me for him. He sang "Mad World" well, but it was almost too much with the theatrics. I thought it was a strange choice for him for the finale. And "A Change Is Coming" really didn't do anything for me. Even though I do like his softer side better, that just didn't seem like an *Adam* song. The "No Boundaries" thing...well that was just a train wreck.

Kris did amazing on his first two songs. They were totally *Kris*. I didn't think "What's Going On" was too light, he did it in his way and it was great. Besides, he didn't pick the song, so I didn't think it was really fair of the judges to criticize that. The last song, ugh. He definitely did more justice to it than Adam, but really the song was not good for either of them. Not good at all.

Of course, you know who I want to win. I'm really hoping that all the Danny fans out there are going to throw their support to Kris since Danny's a lot more similar to Kris than Adam.

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