Tuesday, May 5, 2009

I am an Ant Bully

We used to live in places where ants were a huge problem. We'd have ants traversing our entire living room so they could get from the door to the kitchen. I was the Queen of Raid. I took great joy in watching them die instantly. The more unconventional method of their death, the more entertainment value it held for me.

I know, its terrible, I admit that. I can't help myself, its who I am.

The last place we lived, while it had many, many, MANY flaws...the one thing it did have going for it was regular pest control. I never had an ant problem in the 3 years we lived there. Or maybe the ants in Orange County are just smarter than the ones in San Diego and they knew not to come in my house.

But now, I'm back to being tormented by ants. They invaded my kitchen about 2 weeks ago. I tried to play nice, I really did. I didn't really want to spray pesticides in my house anymore. So I put out Terro ant baits and waited for them to take it back to the nest and die. It worked within a couple days on some that came in by a window a while back. But these...kitchen ants...well they never stopped their endless searching over my counters. Their numbers reduced, but always carrying on. I cursed them (and squished them, or drowned them) daily.

But a couple days ago their numbers increased again and I just had enough. I cannot play nice anymore, I just can NOT do it. So I asked C to bring me home some Raid yesterday.

Whilst I waited for the poison d'jour I was making dinner. And do you know that ants do not like stove burners? Well maybe they don't know that they don't like them, but they shouldn't. How did I come to this knowledge? You see, one was crawling on my stove, as it got closer to the burner where I was boiling pasta it started to shudder and then it just shriveled up and was dead.

That? Was freaking awesome!! So I picked up his friend who was nearby and threw him down on the stove. And again, he crawled around, began to wriggle and writhe, and then was no more. I was so tempted to gather up more of their comrades and watch them fall one by one...but the idea of a bunch of dead ants on my stove while I was cooking grossed me out just a bit too much. Lucky for them.

Today I covered the hole they were coming in with Raid. And again I watched them shrivel and die and my spirit soared. I've yet to clean up the corpses. I'm leaving them as a warning to any survivors that they should be afraid, very afraid.

The Queen of Raid is back!

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Melanie said...

Sick puppy. But I have to say, I would do nearly anything to keep ants out of my house, the smell of ANT is so nasty that I couldn't take it. I .... I am the Serial Killer of Flies. I have to admit to a similar delight in killing each and every black buzzing ball of flying nastiness. Horray for the return of the Queen of Raid!