Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Prop 8

**Taking a break from regularly scheduled posting to change things up a bit.**

I live in California so I have been hearing about Prop 8 (trying to no longer make it legal for people who are gay to get married) for a while now. Of course with election day coming closer it has been on my mind more and more lately. It irritates me SO much, like I'm almost obsessed with my disgust, I don't really know why. Maybe because of all the "Yes on 8" signs that are up around my neighborhood that I have to look at every day and want to vomit every time I see one. As the days go on I just keep getting more and more annoyed by this...so annoyed that, well, I just had to blog about it and vent my frustrations. Some readers may be offended and that's just fine with me!

To be perfectly clear, I am a gazillion % against prop 8.

First there's the stupid, and I mean STUPID commercials with these horrid parents saying something like "my poor johnny went to school today and learned that boys can get married *gasp*". Give me a break. Please. Are there really parents out there that are that ignorant of the school system and what our children are learning? We do not send our children to school to learn about marriage, plain and simple. Its not part of the educational standards of the state of California to teach the legalities and specifics of marriage. Sure, its possible children could hear something while they are there about people who are gay. But its most likely going to be from their friends and classmates, not their teachers. In fact, there's a good chance that your kids will notice all the irritating "yes on 8" signs around and ask what they are for...what are you going to say then?

And really...shouldn't we be teaching our children our values and beliefs about such things AT HOME??? So that way when they hear things at school they already have some idea of what is valued at home...and when they ask us about it we can remind them of what we believe and that other people believe different things. Take some responsibility people.

Of course there are also the people against gay marriage because of their religious beliefs for however many reasons. Now I freely admit I am not a religious person in any way shape or form, its not for me, never has been, never will be. I respect people who are, I don't get it, but I commend them for the ability to have faith like that.

But here's the thing...just because you believe something, just because your god, your church, your religion believes something...it doesn't make it true and it doesn't make it right. Its YOUR belief, but there are other people in the world that are equally entitled to THEIR beliefs. There isn't one right religion, or one right way of thinking. No matter how strong your convictions are, that is a truth that won't change. Go ahead and put all your faith into your religion, but do not discredit others. Diversity makes this world beautiful, don't taint that by being so self righteous.

Thankfully there are plenty of people who do have religious faith who are not judgmental and discriminatory of people based on who they choose to love. I'll never understand the others who do have a problem with this. Its not your life, it doesn't affect you. Your church isn't going to crumble to the ground. Your schools aren't going to close. The civilized world as we know it isn't going to end. So mind your own business and leave people alone.

We're not talking about rapists, murderers, child abusers, the scum of the earth here, getting to walk around free doing whatever they choose. We're talking about PEOPLE...mothers, fathers, daughters, sons, sisters, brothers, friends. People who simply should be afforded the same rights as everyone else in this country.

Would you tell a black person they couldn't marry another black? Or 2 Jewish people, would you disallow them to get married? How about someone who is fat not being able to marry another fat person? Or a diabetic, can't have them marrying each other, right? Sounds pretty ridiculous, no?

"Oh, but its not the same thing!!!" I can hear "them" crying. Oh yes, it is exactly the same thing. We are all people, we all deserve to live our lives the way we choose without being discriminated against. Just because YOU think its wrong doesn't actually make it wrong.

I suppose I should mentio that there is a population of people who have a problem with it because the judges decided to pass the law when so many people voted against it. I don't know all the specifics of that exactly, I've just read a few things in passing...but isn't the role of the judicial system to determine what is right and just, not just uphold the supposed will of the people? Obviously "the people" aren't always right, that's why we have a judicial system.

It really saddens and disgusts me that this is even an issue in today's society. Especially when there is so much else to worry about and put our time and energy into. It's 2008 people, we should have gotten rid of the shovels and pitchforks long ago. Why can't we all accept people for who they are? What are you so afraid of?


Jenn said...

Bravo Amanda! Couldn't have said it better myself! I'm so so so sick of those yellow signs and the people standing on street corners waving them! Every time I walk by a sign on someone's lawn I just want to kick it over but then I would be as bad as "them". Nov. 4 can't get here soon enough.

Siuan said...

What a great post! I don't understand it either but I really liked how you put it.

Love the new look by the way!

Anonymous said...



Anonymous said...

Sorry, double link in first comment, trying other link again.


Clint said...

In response to the Anonymous poster, please read the entire article you posted. If you had, you would have read the bottom line.

"Two families of children in the class chose not to give permission for the trip, their children remaining at the school with another first-grade class."

That means that ALL of the families had the option to keep their children from attending the event. That means that only 2 families were unhappy with what their kids were being taught.

Thank you... but next time try having a real reason why same sex marriage is not ok.

Anonymous said...

To Clint. Ummm, where did I say that same sex marriage was not okay? As a matter of fact I'm not even voting on prop 8 since I really don't care either way. My links were in response to what Amanda said:

"Are there really parents out there that are that ignorant of the school system and what our children are learning? We do not send our children to school to learn about marriage, plain and simple. Its not part of the educational standards of the state of California to teach the legalities and specifics of marriage."

YES, of course I read the entire article. YES, I know parents had the opportunity to opt out of the field trip. I think that's how it should be. My point was to show that it is starting to be taught in schools. Did you read the other article? I would be LIVID if my KINDERGARTENER (or even any elementary school age child) was being taught about gay marriage without my permission. I personally feel that is way too young. Fortunately I don't need to worry about this happening in my kids school.

Amanda said...

Oh Anonymous...

There is so much misinformation about that particular incident.

This was ONE class going to see their ONE teacher get married. If it was an actual field trip to a gay wedding then ALL the 1st grade classes and their teachers would have been invited along.

Its simply a matter of a teacher wanting to share part of her life with people she cares about...her students.

If this teacher wasn't gay and invited her children to her wedding would that have caused an uproar...I think not.

Its not about what they are learning in school at all.