Wednesday, October 22, 2008

What is it about the Disney Princesses...

that is SO attractive to little girls? I purposely didn't expose my daughter to them because, like everything else Disney, I find it annoying how it is SO mass marketed. I didn't hide them or anything, we did get her a baby Belle doll for Christmas last year, but back then to her it was just a baby, and still is for that matter. I figured she'd find out about them soon enough, I didn't want to speed up what was inevitable.

But then the Target near me stopped selling the chlorine free diapers I had been putting on her at night and I didn't have any other reason to use the gas to drive out to the one that did. Deciding that she still pees too dang much to return to using cloth diapers at night, I bought a package of disposable nighttime pullups. I didn't even bat an eyelash at the fact that they had said princesses on them.

That is, until K noticed the pretty girls that were on the front. And I, not realizing the consequences of my actions, named the princesses for her.

That was it...the end of her princess innocence. She is now steadily building a new obsession with "Ariel" as she calls all of them. Every time she sees any of them, Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty, Ariel, or Tinkerbell we hear about it. (She doesn't care too much about Belle or Jasmine, go figure.)

Is it some sort of brain washing? Voodoo? Animated crack? How does a child go from not knowing anything at all about them to freaking out everytime she sees them? At least her Diego and Dora obsession took a little while to kick in, she'd seen them many times before it finally took hold.

There's no use fighting it I suppose. And I must admit I get a kick out of hearing her say "Booty" (that's Sleeping Beauty for those who don't speak toddler.)


Wendy said...

The magic does wear out in time for Hannah Montana and High School Musical. *eyeroll*

Did the Target stop selling Nature Care? Have you tried a BRU for 7th Gen diapers? I have coupons if you want them.

Amanda said...

I'm hoping those things will be a distant memory by the time she's old enough to notice them, LOL. I'm sure there'll be something else equally annoying to replace them though!

I did see the Nature Care brand at a Target here so I should be able to start using them again when the princesses are gone, LOL. If she'll fit in them. I can't remember what size I bought last time if it was a 4 or 5...but she was barely fitting in them. Somehow she is like giganto kid. She doesn't look abnormally large, but 99% of the kids on her PG are wearing 2T, maybe some 3T' girl has been in 4T's for awhile now and can even fit into some 5T's.