Monday, February 12, 2007

Scored a bargain today!

I decided I needed some new underwear...I know, real exciting. But as all things on my body are not yet back where there were before I was pg mine keep falling down lately for some reason, totally annoying! So I was at Walmart this morning and I see this package saying it was a 3-pack. But I notice there are 5 pairs in this pack, so I was like yeah, bonus! Then I see another one that says 5-pack, but there were obviously more. So I count and I thought there were 8, but then I looked more closely and there are 10 pairs in it! I do some digging and find a bunch more of these 5-packs with 10 pairs in it. They haven't been opened or anything either. The sticker said $8.97, which sounded about right for 5 pair of cheap generic white mom underwear. So I figure I'll buy a package and see what I get charged, not really caring if it was more since I needed them anyway...and it was $8.97! It's like a BOGO!

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