Saturday, February 3, 2007

Gotta love boys

So yesterday I get home from picking Ryen up from school, I put baby down and take the dog out. As I'm standing there waiting for her to do something I see Ryen come out the door. Nothing strange there. Then I notice he's holding his shirt way up. Somewhat strange as he usually doesn't like his shirt up. Out of the corner of my eye I see he still has his shirt up, so I say "Ryen, what are you doing?" And then I see what he is doing... He was peeing in the bush outside our door, pants around his ankles, shirt way up high, showing off to the world. He told me that daddy wanted him to pee in the dirt. Uh huh... At least no neighbors happened to be walking by, oh and he didn't pee in his pants.

On a different note, some progress may be made in the inpatient feeding program saga. I talked with "R" a couple times yesterday after I wrote her an email requesting she tell me just why this whole thing has been so damned complicated and why we have to continue to jump through all these hoops. Finally we figured out a way to possibly get around the re-evaluation. We're going to try and get Ryen appointments with all the people who would see him in the re-eval. If they all on an individual basis clear him for the program then he's in. It'll be more work on my part and more money for the insurance company, but at least something might happen. "R" spoke with Ryen's insurance case manager and she thinks this might be do-able so now I guess I just wait to see if we get the appointments.

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