Thursday, February 1, 2007

More run around

So here's the reply I got to my email...

Hi Amanda:

Thanks so much for your email. I was off yesterday for some familybusiness but I thought about Ryen all day. First, our program is not for perfect children. Our mission is to resolve the worst feeding problems. Our intent is this re-eval was to set Ryen up for our program, not to deny him. I have been in touch with M about some compromises that I would like to discuss with you by phone. I'm at Mission Hospital today and will try to call you, possible this morning if I have a break in between patients or over lunch.


So she calls me and guess what her "compromises" are? Ugh. She thinks that if Ryen sees a different OT in conjuction with a behavioral psychologist for awhile he can make enough progress to satisfy the insurance people so they'll allow a new re-eval. O-M-F-G!! She says that she wants Ryen in the program but yet they are again putting it off longer and longer and making us jump through even more hoops. Oh, I didn't mention she wants him to do this for 3 months!! I can't believe how ridiculous this is, plus I can't afford the $30 a week it'll cost me to do that.

And I can never tell this woman what I'm really thinking when I'm on the phone with her because she doesn't stop spouting off her BS for even a minute. AAAAAHHHHH!!!!!

To be continued I guess...

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