Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Tuesday TV

Well nobody had any ideas for me, so we all will just get what we get, most likely in the form of useless blabbering.

So what better topic...reality tv.

Tuesday night is American Idol night, and The Biggest Loser night, gotta love it!

As much as I didn't like Adam Lambert at the start, especially after he desecrated that Johnny Cash song so exponentially...I must say he is growing on me a bit the last couple weeks. I still don't like his shrieking, but the guy really is talented.

My favorite of the night though, far and away, was Kris Allen. Wow, he was awesome!

Danny Gokey has been one of my top picks and I thought he definitely did justice to my boys last night. I wasn't expecting to love it being the Rascal Flatts fan that I am, but he really did a good job.

The rest of them, eh, they weren't horrible last night (well, aside from Megan who I think has always been horrible and needs to hang up the microphone) but nothing that really stood out as great. It is an interesting season.

Ok, so Biggest Loser. I'm kinda bummed for Nicole that she got sent home already, she was so happy to come back. It must have been a huge shock for her to gain 5 pounds. But, on the other hand she was so succesful on her own I know she'll be fine. Plus whatever she was doing at home was working, and whatever she did on the ranch was not!

I'm getting kinda annoyed with some of the contestants. Filipe for one, he's like a big whiny baby and Sione is like this dumb, oafy guy who'll go along with whatever Filipe says just because he's his cousin. And Tara, get a grip already, sheeesh.

I was surprised to see Allison Sweeney back so soon after having her baby. I wouldn't have been too thrilled to stand there through that weigh-in so soon after giving birth. Its fun to see her though, I feel like I've watched her grow up on tv, LOL. I watched her so young when she started on Days Of Our Lives when my grandma got me hooked on it, and now she's all grown up and a mother of 2.


Brenda said...
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Brenda said...

I don't watch AI but I do watch Biggest Loser. I only got to watch the last 45 minutes because I had to go to training for work but will catch it another night on another channel (can't think of the name of it right now). Anyways.....I dont' know who to root for now. At least they aren't the back stabbers of last season but it's starting to gte a little ugly now. I want Mike to win. I think he has worked the hardest and come the farthest of everyone. He has grown up so much since being there. I also like Kristin but I'm not so sure she can make it to the end. Aren't you glad I wrote my own blog on your blog? lol