Thursday, April 16, 2009

Active imagination or am I just nuts?

Do you ever get woken up from a dream too early? At some pivotal point in the "story line" something (like your children who wouldn't sleep in to save their lives...) tears you away from your sleep and you're left feeling like "Woah, wait...WHAT HAPPENS NEXT?!?!?!?"

I had one of those dreams last night. Its strange because I can't even really remember many specifics of the dream, just the overall story. Had something to do with me giving a piece of chocolate to my sister's brother in law (not my real sister, don't have one of those, just my dream sister) who had some crazy reaction to it and we thought he died but really his breathing and heart rate just slowed down so much it seemed like he was dead (you know, like in the movies) and his father and I tried to hide how he died, but then, well he just wasn't dead anymore. Right as he started moving and talking to us I was so rudely interrupted by my son so I never found out what really happened.

If you're me, you just can't let it go, you just have to know. You try to get back to sleep hoping that the dream will resume at that same exact moment, yet knowing that will never happen. So then you start making up things in your mind that you THINK happened, or should have happened. And you never really get back to sleep because that would interrupt your mind trying to re-create the dream. And then sometimes you go off on the wrong direction so you have to re-write those scenes and try again. Then even when you HAVE to get up and can't lay in bed letting your mind wander still can't stop thinking about what was going to happen next. And so throughout the day you find moments when you imagine the story continuing, of course you have to try to hide it otherwise people will think you're just sitting there staring off into space...or worse, if you're not REALLY careful, talking to yourself.

Maybe I should write a book about it and become the obsession of millions. (That was a Twilight reference for anyone not into the obsession.)

Yeah, that would be a bad idea. The only thing I ever really wrote outside of assignments was some short stories about a guy named Wendall back in high school. It made absolutely no sense unless you were 15...nah, even then it was just totally random stupid stuff. A friend of mine even guest wrote a story including Wendall.

I wonder what happened to those, I know I kept them, maybe they are at my parents house. If I ever find them I'll post one, and then you'll see (as if this blog wasn't already a clue) that I wasn't meant to be an author.

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