Saturday, March 24, 2007

The Snail Killing Fields...

That's what its like around my apartment complex in the evenings after it has rained. That's when the snails come out, they come out in droves, they are everywhere...the bushes, grass, sidewalks. Its the sidewalks that are most problematic for the poor unsuspecting snails. People walk around the complex, to the mail, to walk the dog, back and forth from their cars...all totally oblivious to the many, MANY snails that are covering the sidewalks. The defenseless snails who are just out for a stroll, not realizing their lives are in serious jeopardy at the hands (ok, make that soles) of the humans. It is dark afterall and really who's thinking about snails? Well, except for me. After you've murdered a snail you try to be more careful, the crunch and smoosh that you hear is a sound that haunts you. But then you move on and start thinking about something else...and then WHAM, you've commited another homicide. In the light of morning after such a night you'll find their smooshed bodies all about. Sometimes you'll even see a live snail grieving over the body of his friend. Its quite sad really.

Please take a moment of silence to honor the dead snails.

Thank you may go about your day.

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