Tuesday, March 6, 2007

Been in a funk lately...

I haven't posted much lately cuz I just haven't had anything good to say. I'm so frustrated with so many aspects of my life right now and its just getting depressing. This week I tried to force myself to get some exercise every day and open the blinds to let some light in. I did good on the light part, the exercise not so much...but some is better than none right? I started feeling a bit better anyway, not great, but better.

I weighed myself on Monday and it was 274.5, I didn't even have the toffee to blame, LOL, so I know the gain is just been me being so down about everything. Since I'm trying out this Bob Greene thing I can't weigh myself again for 4 weeks per the rules of Phase 1. That will be REALLY hard for me, but hopefully it'll be good at the end of it. Phase 1 is composed of organizing your meals better (eating breakfast for sure, and then 1-2 snacks between the other meals), drinking enough water, increasing exercise, and not eating after like 7 or 8 at night. I've got the meal thing down, I did exercise more this week, I did make sure to drink plenty of water *almost* every day, the not eating at night thing is another hard thing.

The kids are all feeling better. Ryen and Katelyn still occasionally cough, but mostly they are all over their ailments. Hopefully it'll last a while! I still feel like I'm coming down with something about every other day but I haven't gotten officially sick yet, maybe its allergies or something.

Oh, and in case anyone is confused like I was...I started this post days ago and never finished, so I'm actually posting it in the morning on the 10th, not Tuesday.

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The said...

Amanda -

Wanna team up in our own challenge re: weight?


You probably have NO clue who I am at all - from Pilates board, mostly lurk but we weigh the EXACT same right now.

I'm interested in the Bob Greene thing but I'd need time to research it a bit....

Christy (pejkug3)