Thursday, February 26, 2009

Lucky me!

So a couple days ago someone from Africa wanted to send me money. And today...well today I've won the amount of six hundred thousand pounds from Toyota!!

Although, I'm not entirely sure if that's pounds of money, or how much the vehicle they are going to give me weighs, or an excessive addition to my ass. Hmm, not sure I can take my chances on that last one, think I'll have to pass...

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Tracy said...

Oh but why pass up such an awesome deal??

You know in return they will drain your bank account, which will put you way in debt.
You won't be able to pay the house, electricity, water, trash bills so at least they will be helping you with that. Oh and you won't have to buy food!
Your car will get repo'd so you'll have to start walking.

I'm thinking it would be a godsend to be so lucky as to get scammed.

Ha ha ha don't mind me :)