Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Do people really fall for this?

I'm just so happy that there are people in West Africa that are wanting to send me millions of dollars via FedEx, as long as I pay a few thousand for the delivery & security fee. Their continent is riddled with poverty and disease...and yet they want little 'ol me to have their money. Isn't that nice?

Can you imagine how much money I'd have today if I'd responded to every one of these emails I'd ever gotten over the years?? Certainly I'd be the richest person in the world. How silly of me to keep deleting them!

Is this scam EVER going to die?? Is anyone actually falling for it anymore to make it worthwhile to even send?? I'd like to meet someone who has perpetrated this scam, or better yet someone who's fallen for it. Not for any particular reason, just to say I did it...cuz you know the world is full of idiots, but these people would have to be the cream of the crop. Wouldn't that be fun to tell people, that you actually met some of the best idiots in the world??

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