Friday, January 12, 2007

Its best to begin at the beginning.

I tried this whole blogging thing in the past but never had anything interesting enough to say. I still don't, but I'm a sucker for peer pressure and it seems that everywhere I go all I hear about is other people's I'm trying it again. Here's to new beginnings!

Like I said, I don't have much interesting to say, so my first post in my blog is going to be about poop. Seriously my life has been about a LOT of poop, not only from my own 3 children, but I've spend most of my life around young children, and I was a toddler teacher prior to having my own kids. I have a memory scorched into my brain of a kid who...honestly, you really don't want to know, its THAT gross.

So, anyway, back to the topic at baby has an ear infection and has been on antibiotics, as a result I've been drowning in a sea of poop all week. Who knew such a little thing could poop SO much! Seriously, where does it all come from??? And not only is there a lot of it, but its been everywhere. I've changed her clothes more times this week than I probably did her entire first month of life. Of course, she is blissfully unaware of my plight, as long as I don't put her in the carseat with a poopy diaper she could care less. Then there's Ryen. For some reason all week he's been pooping a little in his pants before he goes to the bathroom. I'm SO over the poop in the underwear thing, there's practically nothing I despise more.

Cross your fingers that next week will be better, I'd at least like my house to smell a bit nicer.

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