Monday, February 11, 2008

Hello, my name is Amanda, and I am a slacker...

But you knew that already, right? *sigh* I was doing so well with my workouts in January, I met my goal of 21 out of 30 days, I was actually liking to work out and wanting to work out...I was feeling good! And then February came. Not sure what happened, but I just don't have the motivation anymore. I feel like such a slug. I need a big 'ole kick in the rear, cuz if I don't stop slacking soon February is going to be a total wash in the weight loss department.

I'm also a total slacker house keeper. But you knew that already too. I had to frantically clean the kitchen and part of the living room last week just so that it was presentable enough for the maintenance guy to come in and fix a leak. R is getting his pics taken here next Tuesday for that newsletter thing and I'm already stressing about it. One of the boards I frequently read/post on has been down for over a week and will be until Saturday. I'm suffering withdrawals! I thought I'd get more done around the house without the biggest part of my internet addiction...but alas not even that is enough to get me up off my butt and clean.

I hate this apartment., I don't. Can't forget my resolution to think more positively. This apartment is wonderful, it really, really, really is.


Siuan said...

You are doing great Amanda! You keep doing it and it's hard work to get on track but you keep checking yourself and one day it will just click and it will be right. I'm still waiting for that click again! Hang in there!

compartments said...
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