Thursday, November 8, 2007

Just what every parent wants to hear

I go to pick E up from school this afternoon and see his teacher bringing his backpack out. She comes to me and says "E is throwing up in the trash can right now. He wasn't feeling well at lunch time so I sent him to the office, but they didn't send him home." Greeeat, cuz ya know I just love puke. Of course he's been acting totally fine ever since, so *maybe* just *maybe* I can hope that he saved it all for school. Most likely he'll be just peachy until about 5 minutes until its time to leave for school in the morning, then he'll puke again.

I just don't think I can take a 4 day weekend 3 weeks in a row. Aaaaaaaaahhhhh!!!!

(2 weeks ago they had 2 days off because of the fires. Last week they had 2 days off for parent/teacher conferences. And they have next Monday off for Veteran's Day.)

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