Friday, October 26, 2007

I'm only 4 months late...

I've been a total slacker blogger lately and even bigger slacker when it comes to my weight loss efforts. I had been improving, exercising more and walking every morning during the week, I was even up to hour long walks. I was doing good and feeling good, eating better as a result. Then a couple weeks ago I just started to feel exhausted all the time. I had no motivation to exercise, I was feeling more stress, and I started eating crap again. I'm not sure what is/was wrong with me, but I know I've got to get back on track. So, I thought, how about I FINALLY post my "public humilation diet" pictures. For anyone who is new to reading my blog or who has forgot because its been so the beginning of the year I tried to get back into healthier habits and planned to post a picture of myself here at the end of June wearing a bathing suit if I didn't meet my goals. Well, as you know by now I didn't do so hot. And as life is always crazy here I could never remember to take the pictures and post them. But today, it is finally done. So, here I am...feel free to throw up if you have to, I wouldn't blame you, I'm disgusted with myself too.

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