Sunday, December 12, 2010

There is something wrong...

Very, very wrong.  It was way over 80 degrees outside today.  I was wearing jeans and a long sleeve shirt because it's been cool-ish most of the time lately.  But Mother Nature decided to play a cruel joke on us today, just when we get used to the pants and jackets and enjoy freezing every evening...she throws in a flip flops and tank tops middle of August kind of day. 

We went to get lunch and pick out a Christmas tree.  A Christmas tree, in the over 80 degree heat.  There was no shade, just the blazing sun beating down on us.  It felt like my skin would spontaneously combust.  Did you know it is really hard to feel the Christmas spirit when you want to strip down to your underwear in the middle of the Home Depot parking lot? 

In the car while driving, it was cool with the air conditioner on.  You could see the leaves falling off the trees, it looked like a pleasant fall day.  Until you opened the car door and melted onto the sidewalk.

I always feel like I am in an alternate universe the last few months of the year.  People start preparing for all the various holidays and to me it feels like summer is barely over.  Then I look at the calendar and realize there is less than 2 weeks until Christmas and I haven't even taken the photos for the Christmas cards, let alone ordered, received, and sent them out.

Then I hear family and friends are digging out from tons of snow in MN, the roof of the Metrodome collapsed under all the snow.  It's just not fair.

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Brenda said...

it's been unseasonably warm here too. I live near a ski resort and we haven't had but a dusting of snow! Crazy weather!