Friday, October 16, 2009

Gone, but not forgotten...

That is I have been gone, but you, my few and valued, readers have not been forgotten.

Not long after the last time I posted we decided that we were going to move to a house a block away. So I morphed into a being that I did not recognize and didn't particularly like...a being that cleaned and dusted and organized almost every spare minute she could. The house was clean, which was a nice change, but I was either totally exhausted or totally on edge all the time.

But I had a mission, a mission to make this move be the easiest we'd ever had (excepting the last one where I didn't have to pack or lift a thing). I'll just say, I really, really, really miss not having to pack or lift a thing!!

Of course, my life isn't as easy or as pretty as my mental fantasies, and so the move did not go as planned. Not even close. What wasn't supposed to be a huge deal, became an utterly disorganized mess. This was due to circumstances beyond my control...and in the control of my 8 year old who ran through the glass patio door at the new house. He was mostly fine (spent 3 hours in urgent care and got 5 stitches), but glass door was anything but.

It took 5 more days of hauling crap out and cleaning to get the old house in tip-top shape. Er, as tip-top as that place can be, hence the reason we moved out. It was annoying work considering the place was filthy when we moved in. But, with a new piece of glass to pay for we need every cent of our deposit back that we can get.

And now I have laundry baskets and reusable shopping bags full of random stuff laying everywhere here in our new house. I have no idea where anything is and I have to close my eyes when walking through the garage because the sheer chaos in there just about gives me hives.

So as you can see I've had very little time to sit down and think about a blog post. And really, the only things going on was cleaning and more cleaning, and I didn't want to frighten you all or make you think there was an invasion of the body snatchers around here. (HA! Like anyone would want mine!!)

I can make no promises about when I will post again, but I shall be back some day. I hope that everything will get put in its place and I can come back someday...

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