Thursday, January 22, 2009

Well when you put it like THAT...

So I received from R's teacher a couple observation forms that she's done regarding his difficulties in school, I had asked for it so I could pass it along to the psycologist for his ADD evaluation/testing. Now, I knew he was struggling, but when you read it off these observation forms, its like WOW...this kid's really got some issues! FWIW, a couple items I don't necessarily agree with, but 99% of them I do and witness at home as well. Plus there's a bunch of emotional/mood/compliance stuff on the forms that he exhibits at home, but fortunately for his teacher (and unfortunately for me and C), not at school.

So here's what she marked off on the first form...

is easily distracted by other students or events
has difficulty sustaining attention
has difficulty following instructions
often does not seem to listen
is "spacy", in own world, often daydreams
is far less active than most others in class
works very slowly
has trouble organizing belongings
has trouble organizing and completing classwork
has trouble organizing and completing homework
is excessively shy, quiet
has problems reading
has problems with math
has problems communicating with written language

And on the second...

fails to start task when assigned
short attention span
fails to finish tasks in allotted time
does not follow a sequence of directions
classroom comments irrelevant, misses point
daydreams, pre-occupied
easily distracted
reading difficulties observed
arithmetic difficulties observed
spelling difficulties observed
written language difficulties observed
confused snese of time/space/direction
disorganized work habits
fails to complete assignments
clumsy, bumps into things or persons
slow to move and respond, less active than peers
awkward when catching, throwing or in game activities
writing appears like that of a much younger child
works at a slower pace than other classmates
coloring, cutting, drawing immature for age

This poor kid just cannot catch a break. There's just always something happening with him. For a long time I thought, so what if he's got half a heart, we are going to treat him like any other kid and he'll still live a normal life...just like everyone else. I guess its time to stop denying it, its just not going to be as easy as that.


Brenda said...

(((HUGS))) Some of the things you listed sound like dyslexia--the disorganization, no sense of direction, difficulty with spelling, hand writing. Just and observation since a lot of people don't associate those things with dyslexia but they are indicators. Those are things I have problems with. Here is a website if you are interested

When I read it so many things made sense of the problems I had in school. Lots of (((HUGS))) for you.

jamnsfld76 said...

Just remember too that knowing what you are facing is half the battle. Now you can learn how to deal w/his issues in a way that make sense and help. He is a bright child and he will overcome this.

tmaire said...

Wow...I hate when I have to fill out one of those checklist forms for a parent. I understand that they are needed but come on. I think they need to start with what their strengths are. I try really hard at school to do this first in my mind when filling one out or when we are brainstorming how to help a kiddo with their struggles. I wanted to cry reading all the things she listed off. BUT....knowing where he is struggling at least gives everyone a place to start in coming up with strategies to support him. Everyone will be on the same page on what his needs are. Nothing is better for a kiddo than to have everyone supporting them in the same way. I love the term special needs child but lets be realistic who's child doesn't have some kind of special need. Doing things differently for R will support him so his greatest potential can be achieved. I am so sad and ashamed to say I do not know him personally but all I have to do is look at his gorgeous smile to know he has sooooooooo much potential and strength inside of him. And he has a mom and a dad who are advocating for him!!!