Sunday, March 23, 2008

Bunch 'o random stuff...

So its been awhile...not much going on and tons at the same time.

R's g-tube fell out a month ago, we decided against putting one back in. It was exciting and scary at the same time. He's been doing pretty much the same as he had been. He is gaining weight, albeit veeeeeeeery slowly and in veeeeery small increments. Got the pictures back from the photo shoot they did, some very cute ones in there. Haven't seen the finished newsletter yet, not sure if they'll send us one or not.

Kids were all sick this month, very congested, ear infections, puking, coughing...the whole nine yards. R had it first and is over it now, haven't heard any of E's residual coughing for a couple days, and K is still at the tale end of the stuffy nose & cough. C is sick too and still feeling miserable. And me...I'm bowing at the feet of my Grapefruit Seed Extract. I've been downing it and the Emergen-C every time I feel even the slightest tickle in my throat or ache in my joints and I've managed to be coughed in my face, puked on, gotten surprise open mouth kisses complete with a snot covered nose...and I'm still healthy!! Good thing too, it was a nasty bug and this place would have gone to hell if I had gotten it. Its halfway there on a regular basis anyway, can you imagine if I was incapacitated for a few days, eeek!!

I managed to meet my resolution of keeping the house clean for over a week, yippee!!! However, it only lasted about 2 weeks and is now pretty much back to a pit. Ah well, it was nice while it lasted.

I've gotten a bit back on track with exercising this month. Started going for walks again a couple times a week. That first time was weird, I got to the gate of our apartment complex and had like this mini anxiety attack. I was stepping out of my comfort zone on so many levels, who could blame me. But, it felt good, and I've been feeling good. Haven't worked out as much as I should, but I'm still plugging along.

K is no longer nursing, stopped just a little short of a month ago. I'm sad about that and happy at the same time. I was really glad to be able to give her 16 months worth of breastmilk, and I was really happy that she chose to stop nursing instead of it being my decision. I met all the goals I wanted to and never got to with my boys. I had been feeling totally ready to have my body back to myself for a while, and yet it was still bittersweet to know that part of my life is over. It is truly an amazing experience to nurse a child, before I had children I thought it was just the best food for your baby, but it is so much more than that. I never thought I would feel that strongly about it, its wonderful. But not only is the nursing over, but my baby is growing up. WAAAHHH!!!!

E is well, if you know him, he's E... I must say I am very proud of him, he is an amazing reader. I knew from his teacher that he was in the top reading group in his class and was able to choose books from the "2nd grader part of the library" and has gotten to read to the kindergarten classes. But, not having any other older children to compare to, I didn't realize how good he really is. Went to one of his read alouds and out of all the other kids in the group doing the reading...he really was the best. I was surprised hearing the other kids struggle on some of the words and were kinda slow. Not that they are bad readers by any means, its just I guess I never heard what a "normal" first grader reads like...and they weren't even the "normal" kids, they were the others in the top reading group. He is reading chapter books all by himself and he loves it.

Well, I'm being paged so I guess I'd better finish...nothing much else going on anyway!

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